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Main Features


GSM Quad-band frequency(global use)

Wide input voltage range: DC 9-24V

Built-in vibration sensor, smart Anti-theft

Built-in back-up battery(optional), support illegal main power cut-off alarms

SMS & Web portal tracking available

Moving alarm


Support Android, IOS APP for mobile phone direct controlling

Super mini Tracker for Car/ Motorcycle/ Vehicle/ Bike Realtime, 56*39*13 mm,

Real-time location tracking,track playback. Support SMS and GPRS platform tracking,

Built-in spare battery,realize illegal shear line alarm,

Built-in vibration sensor,realization vehicle anti-theft intelligently,

The Positioning function of the device is based on GSM, Not GPS.

Shell material: ABS

Color: Black

GSM band: 900 / 1800MHz or 850 / 1900MHz global common

GPRS: Class12, TCP / IP

Voltage range: 9-38VDC

Standby current: Approximately 0.2mA

Working environment temperature: -20 Celsius - +70 Celsius

Working environment humidity: 20% -80% RH

Battery : lithium battery ( built-in)

Antenna: Built-in GSM antenna

GPS positioning accuracy: 50m

Size: 10 x 6.5 x 3cm


SIM card choice, terminal need to insert a GSM SIM card, SIM card choice please refer to the dealer's opinion

SIM card installation, use a hand to uncover the terminal cover, uncover SIM card slot cover, the SIM card metal face down into the SIM card slot, then fasten card slot cover, and finally put on the back shell

Package Included:

1 x GPRS Tracker

1 x 2 Pin Power 3P Line

1 x User Manual


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